Employer FAQs
How can I obtain information on the EFT/ EDI process?
Download an information packet at this website or contact the OH Child Support Payment Central at 1-888-965-2676.

I recently arranged for a prenote transmission, when can I stop mailing in checks?
Five business days are required to validate bank account information that has not been previously verified. You should continue to remit a check for your employees’ child support withholdings during this five-business day period. You will be notified if the prenote is unsuccessful, at which point you must continue to remit a check until your bank account information has been successfully verified.

What should I do if the wrong amount is withheld from an employee’s paycheck?
Contact OH Child Support Payment Central Customer Service at 1-888-965-2676.

Can I transmit a debit transaction (reversal) if there is a mistake?
No, debit transactions are not allowed.

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Customer Service: 1-888-965-2676
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